Hasan Murshid



Md. Hasan Murshid has developed a mature skill in the construction industry and an exceptional responsible approach to any task that he undertakes or any situation that he is presented with. As a graduate with 20 years experience in the Construction and Real Estate Company in Bangladesh he excels in working with a team to achieve all his objectives on time and with absolute professionalism.

He has developed enormous skill, knowledge and experience of the construction industry. He puts Reliance’s application to customer requirement and satisfaction which is unbeatable. Reliance’s construction of Lafarge Cement plant in Chattack and around 500 apartments in Bashundhara is a credit to his supervision.

His technical skills, communication skills and organisational skills put together with his ability of immediate problem solving and decision making is an added advantage for Reliance to save time and be on time. His ability to communicate with clients, officials, team members and other skilled workers in order to grasp their concerns and requests effectively is second to none. His speaking skills when explaining complex technical information to his technical staff, people and clients are one of his top qualities. He works and interacts with people in a concise fashion so they can easily comprehend and understand the information he shares.