About Us

Reliance is leading to change the process of design, architecture and engineering within the construction industry of Bangladesh, with an unrivalled wealth of knowledge, experience, technology and the support of its British architects and engineers for delivering high quality buildings and and properties using state of the art British design and structural engineering in the rapidly growing property market in Bangladesh. Reliance is an aggressive and innovative company working with its British Partners JEYMAR LTD.

A Scottish property company based in Dundee Scotland. With over a quarter of a century’s building experience both in Scotland and Bangladesh behind us we have developed the necessary skills and technology, through a broad and visionary approach to meet the demand of the constantly changing needs of customers who are searching for higher standard and quality at a realistic price to build better properties to compete with western standards. Whether we build a small property or a huge multistoried complex, reliance will ensure the customer requirements are met with flexibility and innovation combined with total commitment to achieving the highest standard and the best results without compromising on standard and quality, turning each property into a safe, comfortable and a beautiful home. It is our desire not just a promise to value our customers above all and to be determined to produce an ever better construction, to make it our priority of protecting both our clients and our staffs interest through detailed attention to quality, standard, safety, and environmental issues. To be flexible, skillful and efficient while containing prices and producing a better constructing and finish. To build on our skills and put them to broader application to ensure that Reliance is always a “No nonsense” “No surprises” builder. We value our experience, Training and reputation and take pride in it